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Welcome to Almaty!
Western frontier of the city
Timiryazev street Building of the Almaty
City Administration
"Rakhat Towers"
Multifunctional Complex

"Solyanka" cafe Satpaev street High-rise
"Kazakhstan" Hotel
Quay of Vesnovka river

Crossroads of Furmanov
and Kazybek bi streets
"Altyn Alma" restaurant The main
cathedral mosque
Alley in Masanchi street

"Samal" microdistrict Crossroads
of Abylai khan avenue
and Bogenbai batyr street
Kazakh state academic
drama theatre after Auezov

Mega Center Almaty Crossroads
of Satpaev street
and Baitursynov street
"Zheruiyk" restaurant Crossroads of Abai avenue
and Furmanov street

of Dostyk avenue
and Bogenbai batyr street
Big Almaty Channel named
after D.A. Kunayev
The building of the former
House of Government
Saint Kazan Temple

Crossroads of Al-Farabi
avenue and Navoi street
Seifullin avenue Palace of the Republic The domes of
St. Nicole Cathedrale

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