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The view of Alma-Ata from
the Trinity Church
(the todays intersection
of Pushkin and Kabanbai
Batyr Streets)
1892. The orphanage.
Now it is a medical college.
Preserved partly
Tatar mosque
and Iskhakia Medresseh.
Now there is a self-service
store on this site
Intersection of Torgovaya
and Fontannaya Streets
(now Zhibek Zholy
and Tulebaev Streets)

The first head of the city,
Vernys Mayor P.M. Zenkov
Turkistan cathedral Governor
of Semirechye Region
G.A. Kolpakovsky
Governors House

Old Almaty bazaars Officers Assembly At the intersection
of Torgovaya and
Kopalskaya Street
Palace of Labour

Iskhak Gabdulvalievs
store (now Kuzultan). 1911
Girls high school Saint-Kazan Church. 1898 At the Communal Bank

Tatar mosque
after the earthquake
of May 28, 1887
The traces
of the earthquake
of May 28, 1887
Protection (of the Virgin)
Church after the earthquake
of May 28, 1887
The traces of the earthquake
of December 22, 1910.
Cracks in the streets
of the city

K. Marks street (Kunayev)
after the mudflow of 1921
The central entrance
to M. Gorky Park of Culture
and Recreation. 1962
The M. Gorky
Recreation Park
The M. Gorky
Recreation Park

The Federation Park.
As of 1942, it bears the name
of the Panfilov Division heroes
The house,
where last years lived
Zhambul Zhabaev
The first
Kazakh University.
The intersection of Gorky
and Karl Marx Streets
(Zhibek Zholy and Kunaev)

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